Adelaide vs Melbourne Green
Played by shok on 26-Jun-2015

Melbourne Green Batting

Gameon RightCt Mid Off Keyring Polka0 (4)
Look RightCt Cover Been Laughin5 (7)
K SouthafricanNot Out  15 (11)
Glen BatswellCt Wkt Been Laughin4 (3)
Sheesa HusseyNot Out  2 (5)
Jimmy Knifer 
Tom Hitit 
Gone Hastily 
Gotta Bowlin 
Whacksum Birds 
My Beer 
Overs 5.0Total 3/26

Adelaide Bowling

Keyring Polka1.0 10
Kay Richson1.0 09
John Botham1.0 02
Been Laughin1.0 29
Dam Damper1.0 06
Fall Of Wickets

Adelaide Batting

Rip PhillipLBW Whacksum Birds0 (2)
Bad DodgeNot Out  26 (10)
Dim RudemanCt Mid On Gone Hastily5 (3)
Keyring PolkaNot Out  0 (0)
Great Summons 
Travel Ahead 
John Botham 
Trench Warfare 
Kay Richson 
Dam Damper 
Been Laughin 
Overs 2.3Total 2/31

Melbourne Green Bowling

Whacksum Birds1.0 110
Gone Hastily1.0 115
My Beer0.3 06
Fall Of Wickets