Punjab vs Hyderabad
Played by Ali on 04-Aug-2015

Punjab Batting

Brendon McullumCt Mid Off Dave Cowboy93 (28)
David WarnerNot Out  97 (27)
AB DevilliersNot Out  17 (5)
Mohammad Hafeez 
Steve Smith 
Glenn Maxwell 
Andrew Flintoff 
Wasim Akram 
Shane Warne 
Mitchell Starc 
Jimmy Anderson 
Overs 10.0Total 1/207

Hyderabad Bowling

Stale Dane1.0 029
Aimat Mycar2.0 034
Isnt Sharper1.0 020
Boowa Kooma2.0 036
Corn Harmer2.0 046
Dunna Hammy1.0 024
Dave Cowboy1.0 118
Fall Of Wickets

Hyderabad Batting

Angus FilchCt Mid Off Wasim Akram71 (23)
Shakiras DamanNot Out  97 (24)
Dave CowboyNot Out  38 (13)
Lookits Arule 
Dunna Hammy 
Venue Riot 
Corn Harmer 
Stale Dane 
Aimat Mycar 
Boowa Kooma 
Isnt Sharper 
Overs 10.0Total 1/206

Punjab Bowling

Wasim Akram2.0 139
Andrew Flintoff2.0 041
Shane Warne2.0 038
Mitchell Starc2.0 046
Jimmy Anderson2.0 042
Fall Of Wickets