India vs England
Played by guddu on 21-Oct-2015

England Batting

Captain CookCt Mid Off Isnt Sharper5 (6)
Jogand TrotCt Mid Off Very Coolma15 (10)
K. SouthafricanCt Sq Leg Very Coolma0 (1)
Juice ButterNot Out  1 (6)
Sendem BrokeNot Out  12 (7)
Juicy Fruit 
Eerie Organ 
Rather Goparkin 
Grey Goose 
Jim And Son 
Beautiful Sword 
Overs 5.0Total 3/33

India Bowling

Morhamen Salami1.0 06
Isnt Sharper1.0 16
Very Coolma1.0 28
Ama Mishitter1.0 05
Yura Singer1.0 08
Fall Of Wickets

India Batting

Ama MishitterLBW Grey Goose18 (10)
Very CoolmaNot Out  6 (5)
Peepee OhyeahBowled Grey Goose9 (4)
Morhamen SalamiNot Out  2 (1)
Gotta Gamehere 
Shakiras Daman 
Virus Eccoli 
Yura Singer 
Sureisa Pain 
Myhensing Daily 
Isnt Sharper 
Overs 3.2Total 2/35

England Bowling

Jim And Son1.0 017
Beautiful Sword1.0 05
Grey Goose1.0 210
Sendem Broke0.2 03
Fall Of Wickets