Sydney Pink vs Melbourne Red
Played by Nani on 05-Nov-2015

Sydney Pink Batting

Likea PlumNot Out  30 (14)
Nice BattingsonCt Mid Off Brain Drama0 (1)
Vikki WrestlesCt Wkt Barren Andcryin24 (6)
Moses ReeksNot Out  32 (9)
Gnawedon Milk 
Cryin Artist 
Sean Abott 
Look Youran 
Shear Acalf 
Dud Champagne 
Brett Lee 
Overs 5.0Total 2/86

Melbourne Red Bowling

Seat Pedal1.0 011
Brain Drama1.0 113
Barren Andcryin1.0 124
Handy Hussler1.0 023
Game Batterson1.0 015
Fall Of Wickets

Melbourne Red Batting

Angus FilchBowled Brett Lee6 (4)
Watta MaidNot Out  21 (13)
Callem FurrysonNot Out  23 (13)
Bomb Trooper 
Brain Drama 
Handy Hussler 
Big Roarer 
Barren Andcryin 
Game Batterson 
Seat Pedal 
Forward Army 
Overs 5.0Total 1/50

Sydney Pink Bowling

Brett Lee1.0 18
Sean Abott1.0 011
Shear Acalf1.0 011
Look Youran1.0 010
Dud Champagne1.0 010
Fall Of Wickets