Bangladesh vs Australia
Played by Tahid Chowdhury on 12-Dec-2015

Bangladesh Batting

Nosir ImsaneBowled Havea Dopey4 (6)
Animal HokeyCt Cover Hairy Rhino0 (2)
Never AlambCt Cover Thas Gonna-Mile2 (4)
Thekids A HamCt Cover Havea Dopey4 (3)
Time ImaballNot Out  45 (22)
Rooball IsagameCt Slip Jimmy Knifer8 (4)
Moustache OnhimCt Slip Hairy Rhino13 (12)
Shameura ManNot Out  13 (7)
My Modzilla 
Madeof Mortar 
Abducta Yak 
Overs 10.0Total 6/89

Australia Bowling

Hairy Rhino2.0 220
Havea Dopey2.0 215
Thas Gonna-Mile2.0 111
Jimmy Knifer2.0 112
Wayne Shotson1.0 016
Glen Batswell1.0 015
Fall Of Wickets

Australia Batting

My ClerkCt Slip Thekids A Ham10 (7)
Angus FilchCt Slip Abducta Yak0 (2)
Dave CowboyCt Mid On Abducta Yak7 (4)
Glen BatswellCt Mid Off Abducta Yak0 (1)
Hada BradmanCt Slip Abducta Yak0 (1)
Gorge DailyCt Mid Off Abducta Yak0 (1)
Wayne ShotsonCt Wkt Abducta Yak1 (2)
Jimmy KniferNot Out  3 (3)
Thas Gonna-MileLBW Nosir Imsane0 (1)
Hairy RhinoBowled Nosir Imsane10 (4)
Havea DopeyCt Wkt Thekids A Ham3 (4)
Overs 5.0Total 10/34

Bangladesh Bowling

Abducta Yak2.0 66
Thekids A Ham2.0 217
Nosir Imsane1.0 211
Fall Of Wickets