South Africa vs England
Played by JeyRish on 24-Apr-2016

England Batting

Captain CookNot Out  21 (10)
Jogand TrotLBW Stale Dane0 (2)
K. SouthafricanLBW Daffy Pleasures9 (12)
Juice ButterCt Mid Off Daffy Pleasures0 (2)
Sendem BrokeNot Out  7 (4)
Juicy Fruit 
Eerie Organ 
Rather Goparkin 
Grey Goose 
Jim And Son 
Beautiful Sword 
Overs 5.0Total 3/37

South Africa Bowling

Stale Dane1.0 13
Marine Snorkel1.0 09
Iam Philanderous1.0 08
Daffy Pleasures1.0 21
JP Doomy1.0 016
Fall Of Wickets

South Africa Batting

Gray SmithereensNot Out  7 (2)
Ali PetersNot Out  31 (6)
Asish Hamlet 
DB Ailers 
Daffy Pleasures 
Thats Callous 
JP Doomy 
John Botham 
Iam Philanderous 
Marine Snorkel 
Stale Dane 
Overs 1.2Total 0/38

England Bowling

Beautiful Sword1.0 026
Jim And Son0.2 012
Fall Of Wickets