Hyderabad vs Rajasthan
Played by karthik on 03-Jul-2016

Rajasthan Batting

Wayne ShotsonCt Cover Aimat Mycar60 (24)
Sonu HandsomeCt Wkt Boowa Kooma1 (3)
Noone CaresCt Mid Off Aimat Mycar34 (17)
Bred HotCt Slip Aimat Mycar0 (4)
Jimmy KniferCt Slip Parties Arecool0 (1)
Astinky RainCt Mid Wkt Aimat Mycar0 (2)
Comeon CroupierCt Mid Off Aimat Mycar18 (6)
Illbea NeigherNot Out  1 (2)
Turn SouthNot Out  1 (1)
Hanky Sharpener 
Chile Concarne 
Overs 10.0Total 7/115

Hyderabad Bowling

Boowa Kooma2.0 119
Stale Dane2.0 034
Sisters Ready2.0 026
Parties Arecool2.0 134
Aimat Mycar2.0 52
Fall Of Wickets

Hyderabad Batting

Dave CowboyCt Cover Chile Concarne40 (17)
Shakiras DamanNot Out  80 (21)
Angus FilchNot Out  1 (1)
Moses Reeks 
Lookits Arule 
Dunna Hammy 
Sisters Ready 
Stale Dane 
Aimat Mycar 
Boowa Kooma 
Parties Arecool 
Overs 6.3Total 1/121

Rajasthan Bowling

Jimmy Knifer2.0 041
Turn South2.0 033
Chile Concarne1.3 134
Wayne Shotson1.0 013
Fall Of Wickets