England vs Pakistan
Played by Fuck you on 11-Mar-2023

England Batting

J RoyeCt Wkt K Latife113 (38)
J ButlerNot Out  168 (52)
J RooteCt Cover I Wazim68 (19)
A HailsNot Out  36 (11)
J Bearstow 
E Morgen 
B Stoked 
M Alie 
D Wiley 
C Jorden 
A Rasheed 
Overs 20.0Total 2/385

Pakistan Bowling

I Wazim4.0 180
M Amier4.0 062
B Azarm1.0 020
W Rias1.0 018
S Malick4.0 057
S Tanveer2.0 057
K Latife4.0 191
Fall Of Wickets

Pakistan Batting

M Ul HarqCt Wkt M Alie83 (26)
U AkmaalNot Out  189 (57)
S MalickCt Wkt D Wiley82 (27)
B AzarmNot Out  27 (10)
S Kahn 
K Latife 
S Ahmad 
I Wazim 
S Tanveer 
W Rias 
M Amier 
Overs 20.0Total 2/381

England Bowling

A Rasheed4.0 077
C Jorden4.0 076
D Wiley4.0 159
M Alie3.0 162
B Stoked4.0 081
J Roote1.0 026
Fall Of Wickets