Hyderabad vs Punjab
Played by Lara on 11-Dec-2014

Hyderabad Batting

Shakiras DamanNot Out  91 (27)
Dunna HammyNot Out  139 (33)
Angus Filch 
Dave Cowboy 
Lookits Arule 
Venue Riot 
Corn Harmer 
Stale Dane 
Aimat Mycar 
Boowa Kooma 
Isnt Sharper 
Overs 10.0Total 0/230

Punjab Bowling

Magic Johnson2.0 035
Luckyand Bulgy2.0 047
Iwana Pee2.0 036
Career Singher1.0 034
Min Well1.0 022
Actor Prattle1.0 028
Surrender Urwag1.0 028
Fall Of Wickets

Punjab Batting

Surrender UrwagNot Out  112 (39)
Moaning CobraCt Mid Off Venue Riot20 (11)
Gorge DailyLBW Corn Harmer8 (3)
Min WellNot Out  21 (7)
Reallyman Haha 
Mauve Diller 
Actor Prattle 
Magic Johnson 
Luckyand Bulgy 
Career Singher 
Iwana Pee 
Overs 10.0Total 2/161

Hyderabad Bowling

Isnt Sharper2.0 029
Stale Dane2.0 028
Corn Harmer2.0 137
Dunna Hammy2.0 034
Venue Riot2.0 133
Fall Of Wickets