Valuebets for U19 ICC World Cup

Welcome to Value Bets, where we will try to put the odds on your side.

Value Bets compares each team's chance of winning the match as worked out by SportsTron*, with the chance given by the best available odds for that team. If the chance given by our computer, SportsTron, is more than the chance given by the bookmaker, then there is some "value" to be had in picking that team. It's up to you to decide if you think that makes it a good team to bet on, or perhaps that it's not a good idea to bet on the other team.

*SportsTron does not provide recommended bets. Rather, it provides an analysis of what the best tipsters in our tipping competitions are predicting and other data. This analysis can be used at your own risk to assist you in placing a bet, or deciding not to place a bet. Please be aware that SportsTron's tips change as our 'experts' enter their tips and as bookmakers odds change. SportsTron's final tip is made approximately 2 hours before a match starts, and is entered into the TopTipper tipping competitions.

Australia U19 vs England U19 played at Australia U19 on
Team Computer Chance Odds Chance Value Link to Best Odds
Australia U19 0.00% N/A% N/A% $1.000
England U19 0.00% N/A% N/A% $1.000
Draw 0.00% N/A% N/A% $1.000
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